Locate lost activation codes

Nov 17, 2014



We have a pool of 25 licenses for Articulate Studio 09 and I keep a record of all the Serial Numbers, Activation Codes and Machine codes to allow for licenses to be shared (after uninstalled and installed onto new machines). Is there any way to find out the activation code that is held on a particular machine as regrettably at time of installation this particular user did not inform me of the activation codes they had received by email (software successfully activated), as now I wish to transfer this license to another user but don’t have a copy of the activation codes (no copy of original email) to allow for me to have the codes reset in the first place.


Thank you.


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Mark Pearson

Thanks Phil, however that is the Serial Number. I have copies of Serial Numbers, I am after the Activation Codes (that initally sent via email and have to be used within 7 days). The Activation Codes were used and product successfully activated, however to reuse the serial number (after product has been uninstalled), I need to have a copy of the Activation Code (that would of been initally sent via email). I have to do all of the activate / de-activation manually as our firewall won't allow a connection. I therefore need a copy of the Activation Code to allow me to succesfully re-use the code.


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