Corporate Or Organizational Branding

Feb 22, 2011

Question--do you ever have to work with organizational or corporate branding standards in your courses?  If so, how do you navigate between those standards stressing organizational identity/branding and a common "look and feel" and the need to have a somewhat "open canvas" to develop e-learning in.

We were recently visited by our corporate identity and branding folks who were concerned that now that we have an external LMS for delivering company training to customers that all Articulate e-courses (including those that are internal) should look like they are from our company.

In all fairness to these folks, they were not dictatorial but rather very nice and very flexible in what they suggested we consider doing.  They just wanted learners--internal and external--to know by some application of our branding/identity standards that the course was from our company.  It was less "you must do this" and more trying to make it look at a glance that the course was from our company.

Any one else have experiences like this?  What did you do?

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Wendy Cunniff

I am required to have a look and feel that matches our company branding.  I use the front slide of our standard corporate powerpoint - and a few elements of that powerpoint on some other slides - and then I just do what I want from there.  All of the courses look alike in the begining - and at the end - I do what I want in the "middle".

I don't think our branding folks look any further than the first 10 seconds into my course... so it works for me.

Kim Statom

For me, it depends on which Business Unit (BU) I'm writing it for.  (Some are still stuck in the PPT dark ages.)  At the very least I have to have our logo in the player window and use color schemes that complement it whenever possible.  Some BU's are like Wendy's and require that I use the front slide and the text/color scheme of the corporate PPT template on the other slides.  Fortunately,  the biggest element on the "other" slides is a thin blue bar at the bottom so I have the majority of the screen to use as a blank canvas. 

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