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Parashuram Vhaval

Hi mohammed,


Just add result slide, and jump to that slide when all the circles from where you are jumping to questions are appeared (not equal to normal) I could make changes is your file and share it with you, but I am using Storyline 2 and your file is in Storyline 1 format so my file will not work at your end. Hope this explanation above  helps you.

mohammed hamdy

yes its good

but what I mean do you know game connect 4

if u make row or Coolum correct so you win

see this video to understand the game



if you have teamview you can show me at my screen

do you have it sir  

Parashuram Vhaval

Sorry for delayed response Mohammed. 

Was out of station on weekend. After watching these videos I have clear idea what you are looking for. And yes it is possible with help of several conditions and few variables.

You need to add 8 triggers to show layer "win/award" and 4 conditions to every trigger. Conditions will be all possible correct combinations in rows and columns.

try this i will create a sample file for you if i manage to get storyline 1.


I don't have permissions to use team view in office.