Cost for developing eLearning module from existing powerpoint

I am considering contracting a consultant to assist my division in creating eLearning modules from our existing powerpoint presentations.  My staff is also writing scripts for the presentations.  Based on what exists now, how much should it cost to develop 4 modules using Articulate?  Or what would be a fair per module cost?


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Tracy Carroll

Hi Derwin,

I think it would depend on whether you hired the consultant directly, or though an agency. I know that typically agencies charge clients twice what I would charge if hired directly.

Let me know if you would like more information about my rates.


Jerson  Campos

Hi Derwin,

As Tracy said, you would get better rates if you hire a developer directly. Another variable that you might want to consider is the level of interactions you want implemented into the modules. It shouldn't change the rates, but it will change the time it takes to develop the modules.  If it's just a powerpoint to storyline conversion with no added interactions, it shouldn't take more to long depending on the skill level of the developer.  

Also you mentioned scripts. If you need some narration done, check to see if the developer also provides this unless you will be doing it in-house.  

If you need a quote per module I suggest contacting a few contractors here. I would be happy to provide one for you.