Course Codes

Jan 05, 2023


I'm looking for suggestions for creating and tracking course codes. My organization is getting ready to implement an LMS that requires course codes.  My team will be responsible for issuing them so I want to set us up for success. 

I'm thinking of using something simple like a 3-4 letter code for the department and then a 4 digit number (like COMP1123) and tracking it with an Excel spreadsheet.  

Is anyone else doing something like this?  How are you creating and tracking course codes?

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Sarah Hodge

Hi Noelle! Thanks for posting your question here! I don't have any code naming tips, but hopefully the community might have some ideas on that topic. 🤞 Since you mentioned creating an Excel sheet to track everything, I thought I'd share this course update spreadsheet. You can download it for free and customize it to include a Course Codes columns.  

Cody Wanberg

Hi Noelle,

We have started trying out course codes recently. We are using the following format

[Department].[Program].[Item #]

Here is an example for an Operations department's Department Onboarding program:


We are also trying out a way to call out elements that are not courses in the codes. We're doing this by add an "R" to the end of a code if it is a resource. EX: OPS.DO.18R.

The big thing we recognized is that the course codes are truly only useful to our L&D team. The average learner will not likely search up a course by its code, but by title. So, we picked something that makes sense for us and would help us easily locate or reference something. 

Hope this helps.