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Brooke Schepker

Hello, Daniel and thank you for your post!

Yukon Learning would be happy to help with your Storyline design and development needs.  As the certified training partner for Articulate, we have the expertise in the tool as well as a full staff of developers to handle your project, regardless how large or small.

Please feel free to reach me directly at schepker@yukongroupinc.com to discuss further.  We are here when and if you should need us.

Warmest regards,


Keya Thomas (eNyota Learning)

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for this post. We work on Storyline for many of our clients and have some samples we could share with you.

We are based in India and I understand you are looking for someone in the UK, but in case you plan to consider organizations from other part of the globe as well, do let us know.

Jeanette Denham

Hi Sameer,

I may be interested in your organisation - we are based in Australia and also looking for some freelance storyline creators.  Can you please PM me jeanetten@ctsconsult.com.au with more information about your organisation and the services you provide?

Thanks Daniel for your post by the way - thought I'd jump in on yours rather than create my own new one.



john faulkes

Hi Daniel,

I am based in the UK and can offer the full package as you requested (and have availability just now) (limited connectivity tomorrow (Thursday) but back in Friday)

I develop in Storyline and where needed in native Web/Flash.

Happy to share some portfolio stuff, and converse with private message.



Suvrajit Dutta Chowdhury

Hi Daniel,

We are New Jersey HQ organization with sales and development support from UK and INDIA. We do understand your need and has experience of delivering end to end e-Learning for more that two decade now. Our web: www.Infoprolearning.com

If you suggest some time we would like to connect with you and discuss about your need. I am sure a virtual demo of our credentials will help you to evaluate us better.

Feel free to drop me a line at suvrajit.chowdhury@infoprolearning.com or suvrajit1@gmail.com

Kind regards,