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Joshua Roberts

I really like the concept and there is something oddly satisfying about watching the hammer crash down on top of the mole hill.

Couple of things I noticed -

  • I have 400 points but it just flashed up as question 7
  • At the same time when I clicked Marvin the hammer came down on a different hole to the one he was actually in
  • I now have 700 points but the question number is 1
  • 800 points question 4
  • On further inspection are the mole hills giving the question number? This could account for the randomisation

All in all I love the concept and think it's a great little game to get kids thinking about square numbers.

Good job.

Hans Dulpers

Aced it. I think kids will just love it! I encountered a very large bug though. This is what happened...

Sadly, I have no idea what caused it. When I finished a question, the question screen wouldn't go away, plus the "Well done!" screen had no background. I could infinitely click the correct answer and when I had enough of cheating, I could click "continue".