Course Navigation job aid

I want to create a job aid for new learners to help them with navigation of an Articulate 360 course. I want to include the player controls, interactions, icon definitions, navigation, and info regarding quizzes. We would like to attach it to our courses as a resource pdf. We are choosing a pdf rather than a slide, so that those who may not be tech-savvy and need the resource can access it and those who don't need it can go on without it. 

Has anyone created something like this in the past and willing to share? Or maybe some slide options that might be better than a pdf.

Any help you could offer would be awesome! 

Thanks, Deanna

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Stefanie Lawless

Hi Deanna, 

We do this a TON when we build courses, but we utilize the Top Bar of the player to Lightbox a slide. You can check out a demo of what I mean from our webpage in the Yukon Training demo if you scroll down a little bit.

To build that, we build the slide (typically in a totally separate scene), and then from the player, we add our own custom action. Here's a screenshot: 


I hope that helps!