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Hello all, I am quite new to Articulate and eLearning in general. My company is launching our first LMS and I have put in charge of creating the content and setting it up. I am using Rise 360 to create courses to start as it was very quick and easy to use. My boss is wanting a visual that gives an overview of the Course and allows them to click to each page. (I know this is kind of already given in a list format on Rise but looking for something more visual)

Is this something I could create in Storyline, any guidance on getting started? Or would I be better off just making a photo in Canva and uploading in as a "lesson" 


any help on this is greatly appreciated.

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Jon Mercer

Hi Shelbey, if you need a visual menu for the course, Rise may not be ideal, but Storyline will do it quite easily. Here's a simple menu made up of just a looping background graphic and a few menu buttons. You could also add narration or other text to introduce the course if needed. Is that the kind of thing you had in mind?