crazy talk and videoscribing

Jan 28, 2015

is anybody using crazy talk with their projects.  I am thinking of adding it as a toolset for my projects.

Also thinking of videoscribing.. do you have a preference for sparkol or powtoons?  i am hedging towards sparkol.. but if u think powtoons has more capabilities.. please let me know.

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Bruce Graham

I use both PowToon Studio and Videoscribe, all the time in my corporate eLearning, both as inserts and as entire courses. In fact - I have just come back from a lovely dinner where I got a job for about 12 Storyline courses each with 3-4 PowToon Studio section-break microcourses/scenarios.

Best advice is to send you to, (my animations website), where you can see both in action, and also a series of 7 microcourses in the PowToon Studio section explaining how I/you can use PowToons in Corporate eLearning. The same rules pretty much go for Videoscribe too, I just have not got around to doing the same thing!

They are both very different, and I use them for completely different things, in different ways. Neither has more capabilities, as they both depend on how creative you are.

Both have some very innovative concepts, the Videoscribe "graphs" which they just released have huge potential.

Hope that helps.

Jerson  Campos

Two more similar options to PowToons are GoAnimate and RawShorts. They have similar options and learning curve, but I think GoAnimate has the most flexibility for variety of characters and animations. RawShorts is fairly new but they are working to build up their library. I actually made a purchase request to my higher ops to get a membership to GoAnimate, but was turned down. It forced me to look at other options and I'm actually doing my own animated characters using Illustrator and After Effects. It takes a little bet longer, but I'm loving it because i have full creative control of the animations and the look of the characters and other images.

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