Challenge #186: Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year!

Elearning heroes

Happy Holidays! This is my first challenge. (view here) I’ve been keeping an eye on the truly talented folks participating in the weekly challenges and finally decided to try my hand because the chosen color, Ultra Violet, reminded me so much of the image of Earth captured by Voyager I in 1990, on Voyager’s journey out of our solar system. Space, traditionally thought of as black and desolate, surrounds our “Pale Blue Dot,” in beams of purples, greens, and blues. The “Intrigue” palette, which I used in this project, also evokes the wondrous colors Voyagers I & II saw during their journey of photographing our neighbors in the solar system.

This project is relatively small and was built for this challenge. Across 3 pages, I tried to demo a few different interaction types:

Course / Module Menu

INTERACTION TYPE - Introductory text with bold calls-to-action and hyperlinked text.

The Golden Record

INTERACTION TYPE - Internal paging for multi-sub-page text & Hotspots with pop-ups to display additional topographical information

Voyager Timeline

INTERACTION TYPE - Timeline with layers providing additional information and graphics

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