Creating a "Bank" for interactive free forms

Jul 28, 2014

Hello fellow E-Learning Heroes,

I have a quick question that I think has a relatively simple answer but I'm drawing a blank so would appreciate your help:

How can I create one project (if possible) that has multiple questions built in which shuffle when a user wants to change things up? I believe there is a question bank or something similar to that in quiz maker but the key for me is the interactive part of the questions.

In other words, I have a slide that I turned into a free form (pick one) type question that has a bunch of triggers built into it to play certain media or have markers display information which I'd like to keep the way it is. In addition, I have other free form slides with custom interactions built it.

My ultimate goal is to have a user be able to randomly pick one of those slides, answer the question and receive feedback, then get another randomly assigned question slide to appear. The project is a question bank if you will but with customized interactions, so having the ability to have randomly assigned questions is key.

What is the best way to go about this? Forgive my ignorance but do the built in quiz slides in SL have the ability to be customized for interactions? That might be part of the solution as well.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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Nicole Legault

Hey Darren!

This is an interesting question, and a great topic!! Thanks for bringing it up!

If I understand correctly... it sounds like you may want to create some Freeform quiz slides and insert those slides into a Storyline question bank with the order set to random. Question banks can have quiz slides (multiple choice, true/false, etc.) as well as freeform slides and even just regular content slides. So Question Banks give you tons of flexibility for what's included in them. And yes, you can randomize the order.

Here's some links that might be helpful for you, if this is still something you're trying to figure out!!

Hope this helps! Good luck!!!

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