creating a cognitive type assessment

Jan 21, 2023

Hi! I am looking for suggestions/thoughts on how to use Articulate (Storyline?) to build gamified cognitive assessments (for K-12) that will take the assessment results and pull a report that gives strategies of support. 

Some examples:

  1. The student will see four objects appear on the screen. The student will click on the object that does not belong. When they choose correctly, they will see "Correct" and when they choose incorrectly, they will see "Incorrect." This will happen multiple times with different objects. 
  2. The student will see one letter on the screen at a time. For each letter, the student will decide whether or not to press the spacebar (or click). There are three parts with different rules. Part 1 - press the spacebar (or click) anytime you see this particular letter. Part 2 - press the spacebar (or click) when the letter you see is the same as the letter that came just before it. (example: M appears, then M appears again). Part 3 - press the spacebar (or click) when the letter you see is the same as the one before the previous letter. (example: M appears, then X appears, then M appears again). 
  3. The student will see two lines. The red line is fixed in place. The blue line can be rotated using one of two buttons that change the direction of the blue line. The student rotates the blue line until it has the same orientation or is parallel to the red line. The student is to do this in a few clicks as possible. 

How the student completes each assessment activity will generate a report of how they did and different strategies based on the results.

I've attached a few images of the 3 examples. 

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