Creating a Customized Learning Plan?

I work for a career center at a university and I would like to create a "triage" module that can be used for students who walk in looking for guidance. Given an iPad, they would answer a series of yes or no questions, - such as "1. Do you have a resume?"  with branching logic to ask additional questions based on their answers (if answer is yes, ask the follow up question of "2. Have you had your resume evaluated by an adviser?"). There are 8 subject areas, with up to 4 questions per subject.

The end goal would be to compile feedback on one page at the end, creating a customized action plan which they could print or email.

So if they answered No to question 1, "Do you have a resume?", that would trigger the appearance of "Use the recommended template to create your resume. Watch this tutorial on how to structure bullets."  and then "Make an appointment with an adviser to review your resume." and so on. 

The person who answers yes to question 1 but no to question 2 would only get "Make an appointment with an adviser to review your resume."

But the user wouldn't see this feedback until she answered all the questions.

I think I could use QuizMaker to create this, but I don't know how to compile the feedback on the final page, rather than question by question.

Or perhaps this can be done in Storyline, where there is one question per slide and each click triggers text to appear on the final slide?

Does anyone have any thoughts, suggestions, examples of how I could make this work?

Thanks so much!

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john faulkes

It sounds like you could certainly do it in Storyline, with a mix of triggers and variables. There are several ways of having text appear on a slide that id conditional on a choice selected from a previous one. Different pieces of text could be in the different states of a text box. Or you could have different pieces of text in a set of variables, and set a text entry box to contain the variable values. With a bit of careful editing you could have all the blocks of text you want on a final slide.

The key to success is mapping the logic clearly before you start editing!!