Creating a Quiz for mobile device use

Jul 26, 2017

Dear all,

i would like to create a knowledge quiz with several requirements:

1) use on mobile device

2) different levels of difficulties with different assignment types within each level

3) (i think the most difficult issue):
I would like to include a benchmark / comparative data at the end of each level. That means that each learner will receive an individual result how he/she passed the level in comparison to other learners. The comparative data can be available in an anonymous and condensed (compressed) form.

Now my questions:

a) Would you recommend to create the quiz using Storyline 360 or using Quizmaker? (And btw: are there any differences between the both tools regarding the test/quiz section?)

b) Is my third requirement easy feasible respectively feasible at all?

Looking forward to your responses.

Best regards


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