Creating a radar screen

Jul 08, 2021

I'm trying to create an animated 'radar screen', that has a continually rotating direction bar. To rotate it nicely I created a group with a transparent circle and a radius line, to sit over the top of my circular screen graphic. Then my idea was to convert this to a dial. SL didn't like it all that much; it grays out when I try to drag any of the dial handles. But is this way of doing things possible in any case? If I set the dial's variable to successive values with triggers along the timeline, will it rotate?

Is there a better way of doing this?

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Adam Zamczyk

Hi John, 

Some time ago I prepared a radar animation for my game, unfortunately, I can't share the whole game so here is a preview

and the file attached.

1 image or shape, circle animation and 2 triggers to loop the animation.