Creating an "Opt-out" option in articulate

Hi Everyone!

I am trying to create an "opt-out" option in articulate where if a student takes a pre-test (at the begining of a course) and passes, s/he will have the option to skip the course content and take the practice quiz or the flashcard activity which is at the end of the course.

Second scenario will be provide the student with an option to skip the flashcard activity after taking the practice quiz.

Well unfortunately for me,  I have no idea how I am going to make this work in articulate..... ANY IDEAS!!!!!

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Kevin Dowd

Hi Audrey,

An easy way to make this work would be to utilize branching.

If the student passes the test, he will be branched to the practice quiz or flashcard activity.  Whereas the student that fails will be branched to the course content slides.

Let me know if you need further elaboration as to how this would work.


sharon jones


You can follow Zara's and Heidi's suggestions.  However, if your course consists of multiple modules/lessons and have a large number of slides, then you may want to look at  Dave Moxon's  articule on "linking" to other presentations. 

The link is:

Zara Ogden

Great Idea Sharon. Especially for those that don't that the LMS option or an LMS at all.

This could also be a great option for those wanting to create portfolio's.

What we are doing...

In our LMS we have the option to create certificate programs. I typically develop each program into small modules then they are all linked in the LMS as a certification. Each module can then be tracked in some way.