Opt-In / Opt-Out of Policy

We have a new policy that employees can either opt in or out of. I'm using a Storyline quiz to deliver a score of 50% for those who opt out and 100% for those who opt in and then just set the passing score at 50% so everyone completes the course.

Since Rise is so much better than Storyline at delivering documentation, I'd like to use Rise to deliver the document going forward. Is there any way to do a scored quiz in Rise that will deliver the score to my LMS? If I can't use a native Rise quiz, I could just use a Storyline block, but that seems clunky to me, so I wanted to check here first.

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Allison LaMotte

Hi James,

If you insert a quiz lesson to Rise 360, you can send that score to your LMS, you just need to select it in the publication options. However, note that knowledge check blocks (quiz questions that you can insert into your lessons), aren't scored.

Let me know if you have any other questions.