Creating Animation Moving Vehicle from One Slide to the Next

I'm relatively new and thus far self-trained (not to mention the training I've received in this community) in the area of course development.  I'm trying to create an animation such that a vehicle drives onto the screen at the beginning of the slide, remains stationary while the slide is fully viewed, drives off the screen at the end of the slide and drives onto the next slide as if it's traveling from one slide to another.  I've got the entrance animation down but could use help on the rest.

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Kate Holmes


Am I missing something? I was unable to view your demo (CarAnimation.pptx). I tried just double-clicking the file & Saving/Extracting it & what I get looks like source files. I have Powerpoint 20101 & Articulate Studio '09 loaded on my computer, so it should play, right?  This isn't the first time I've had this problem, either. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

Jeanette Brooks

Hi all! If you're having trouble opening the file, try right-clicking Natalia's attachment above and using your browser's "Save As" option. (It'll be something like "Save target as," or "Save Link as.") Once you've saved the file to your computer, rename the extension to .pptx and try opening the file in PowerPoint. Let us know if that doesn't work & we'll figure out a different way to get the file to ya.

David Steffek

Very cool, Natalia!

Wanting to challenge myself, I decided to take what you made and try a little different way of animating the scene to create motion.

I have only PPT 2003 so I don't have the advanced animation options, nor have I had the opportunity to go through Tom's tutorial on lining up motion path start/stop points, so it's a little rough but you'll get the idea. I also tried to incorporate a little of David's parallax tutorial as well.

Doing it this way would obviously require having a wide enough background to make the effect work, or at least background that you can 'tile'.

This was a fun excercise for me!