Storyline - Navigation Restriction

Sep 06, 2012

I'm attempting to restrict navigation in the course I'm working on so users cannot go to the next slide without finishing the one they are on.  I've selected "Restricted" on the menu option - which I've realized means that the user cannot select a slide title in the menu ahead of what they have already viewed.  But the user can still hit next on the slide and move forward without waiting for the audio/animation to complete.  

How can I prevent the user from being able to click the Next button before the audio/animation is complete?

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Kristin Savko

You could set a variable set to false when the slide begins and then set it to true when the timeline ends. Set a condition on the "jump to next slide" only if your variable is true. I am attaching a sample document to help (sorry its So so basic!)

Check out Jeanette's screener on showing a warning if the user clicks the next button before conditions are met. 

Hope that helps!