Creating Course from Scratch with Newbies

Hello Community Members,

I am a self-learned video maker who is foraying in the field of Instructional Designing. I love the idea of learning by doing. While trying Articulate, I felt that it's an awesome tool but it is sometimes overwhelming too with so many features. So I thought why not start a course creation program where all newbies build a course from scratch using different features/options offered by Articulate Storyline. I am not sure if someone from Articulate team could lead this by proposing a new challenge once or twice a week. The idea is to give the feeling of working on a real project (from start till the end) that would help a newbie in creating a portfolio, tackling the fear of handling real projects and understanding Articulate Storyline by creating a real course using different features of the tool. I know bout the existing E-learning Challenges but I am thinking of something more focused towards creation of a real course from scratch.

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Rachna,

I'm sorry to hear you're finding it overwhelming to get up to speed on Articulate Storyline. Have you checked out our tutorials and webinars?

I'll make sure to talk to my coworker David, who runs the challenges, about your idea to have a follow-along challenge for beginners.

In the meantime, if there's anything else I can do to help, please let me know!

Rachna Ghiya

Hey Allison, Thanks for your concern. Well, it is exciting most of the times to try new things but yes I won't deny that sometimes it become overwhelming too. Yes, I have checked them.

Thanks for checking with David for this. Looking forward for a positive reply. 

Thanks for asking. 

Holly MacDonald

I wonder if it would be helpful for David to categorize the challenges? Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced. That way someone could build their basic skills and then progress using the challenges. When someone searched they could see all the challenges geared to their level? Also, if they are tagged with the features used in the challenge as well as the tutorials then a user who is learning could work through things logically. 

I think some of what you are looking for Rachna is the instructional design supports (needs analysis, storyboarding template, good practices for creating a course). Sounds like a good idea. Let me know if I can help.

David Anderson

Great suggestions Rachna and Holly. I have a list of the challenges grouped by task (design, multimedia, instructional design, production/development) as well as the 10 challenges new users should do.

It's a Google doc I use when people ask about getting started with the challenges. I'll clean it up and post as an article this week.


Rachna Ghiya

Thanks David. Along with categorization of challenges, it would be awesome if we have a practical course design challenge for a newbie. Like Day 1 - Task 1, Day 2- Task 2, etc, set of tasks that takes a newbie from basics of course designing to publishing. The idea is to have those tasks designed in such a way that a newbie gets familiar with features of Articulate 360 while understanding nuances and real challenges of course development. In nutshell, learning by doing (real course designing scenarios).