Creating MP4 from Storyline content?

Jul 16, 2014

I have created a Storyline course for delivery to the internal LMS. However, we need to post it to an external Sharepoint site that is a bit older so a third party partner can view it. We have tested Web output but the site can't handle the multiple file structure with a hyperlink to story.html.

My understanding is that the site can only display single-compiled media output.

Captivate will export to MP4 . . .we are looking for a way to get this to work on the Sharepoint site. My first thought was to run through the training myself while recording a Screencast to an MP4.

Are there other options? My assumption also is that there is no way to keep interactions in the compiled media output? Would you agree or do you have some recommendations for me?

Thanks so much!

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How are you posting this to SharePoint? I've hosted several StoryLine generated projects on SharePoint that work great.

I've used several methods to do this:

Method 1 (my 1st method): In sharepoint, switch to explorer view then drag and drop your published files into the explorer window. Get the properties for the storyline story.html page and then use this as a link from other pages/places in your sharepoint.

Method 2: Essentially the same as method 1 but using SharePoint designer. With designer, you can set up a folder titled StoryLine projects and then drag and drop your published files there. Either way, you still need to get the path to the story.html page and use that as a link to the file.

Minh-Triet Nguyen

We use SharePoint 2013 (and previously, SP2007) and we had the ability to open libraries in Windows Explorer, and then we could drag and drop a project into it, preserving the file structure.

Let's say your SharePoint library is at In a text editor, get rid of the https: and also switch all the foward slashes (/) to backslashes (\). So you end up with the string that looks like \\\sites\ABC\Documents. Copy that and then try to run it (Start button > Run > paste the string) and see if that opens the library in an explorer window.

Alternatively, my team has run SnagIt on top of an Articulate course (sans menu and player skin) to do video capture, then convert that to MP4 with other video conversion software. Depending on how animated (e.g. fast moving, have a video in your course already) your course is, your mileage may vary.

Good luck!

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