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Mar 01, 2012

I'm having a problem being creative with my course objectives for one of my presentations.

I'd like to create more emotional course objectives of course, rather than the bullet list and can't seem to find the inspiration needed to make a good connection. The module is about practicing for emergency situations, "gundrills" are what we call them. The module theme is "The road to success." There are metaphors, anchors, about teenage driving, practice, and preparation, etc. that tie in the importance of performing "quality" gundrills.

The theme includes roads, hazard cones, signs, a pic of a student driver, and image of a closed course to help make the connection with the voice over for the CBT. I'd like to use some sort of video overlay like this (Tom's demo) for the objectives slide but can't come up with something that works with the theme and the content.

All ideas are appreciated!



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Brandy Rainwater

Thanks Michael, I'll look that up now.

Guess it may have helped to give the objectives too:

- Awareness ofthe types of gundrills, and the appropriate selection of gundrill activities.

-Confidence inleading and participating in an effective gundrill.

-Confidence inproviding feedback and coaching.

-Commitment andsupport to keeping your teams engaged.

Brandy Rainwater


Although it isn't related to my creative block, the link you shared is great. We did a month long awareness campaign about this. The "biggest impact" item was an acquired car that had been in a texting and driving accident. We put it in the front of the parking lot and built a scaffold around it and hung a banner on one side of the scaffold. Most people who passed it stopped and many had discussions with other  co-workers who were standing around looking at it too. Great conversation starter! We left it there for the entire month and supplemented it with the videos, in-house TV ads, e-mails, etc. Although most of the conversation was at the beginning of the month around the car I think leaving it there for the entire month was key b/c seeing it each day drove it home, not just a week impact then forget, it stuck with 'em.

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