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Apr 19, 2012

I subscribe to Before and After Design ( and received an email today which included a link to a really elegant website ( I really liked the effect created by scrolling down the page and thought that it would be of general interest. I challenge you to find a way to replicate the effect with PowerPoint.

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Melissa Chiaramonti

Played around a bit, only had enough time for a few steps but it totally can be done.  Using only motion and fade in/fade out animations, but the challenging part is alignment and timing.  This should be brushed up more, but it's Friday, and I need to beat traffic.  If you shy away from transitions, it can be published in Presenter.  Will probably add the hotlinks to get from animation set to animation set when I have more time, but I think this give an idea....

Melissa Chiaramonti


aw shucks.  Thanks!  - currently working on a brushed up version ...going to put in the scissors thing and nudge a bit. 

some things I learned...

Use the view grid option - helps much with alignment when you start moving objects with several animations.

As always, name the objects in the selection pane, I have named them numerically to keep an idea of when they appear on the screen.

Animation Painter doesn' quite right IMHO, but I doubt the MS programmers thought this type of stuff would be attempted.  It doesn't seem you can select individual animations nor ALL the animations on an object to copy/paste.  

Other neat links....(head to these using Chrome) (horizontal) - this one I'm going to attempt to use soon in work - cheap/dirty work around for effect. (words fly in, copy and pasted group overlays, words disappear, group moves up --> if that makes any sense). Love the tilt look. 

....and for the programming geeks - - me thinks this might be how I design my new portfolio.  

Happy Friday!

Melissa Chiaramonti

yes, the effects can be achieved in PowerPoint - albeit with a wee bit of frustration and potential lost functionality to Presenter (no transitions - only move and fade folks, move and fade.)

As for the web sites -

CSS/HTML5(?)and a wee bit of JS -source files for one of the links playing can be found here:

I'll post more if I find different ways to emulate some of these things with PPT.  

Sam Lincoln

I should have known that someone in this magnificient community would enthusiastically take up the challenge. Congratulations Melissa and thanks for the additional links ... isn't it a great feeling to be inspired rather than overawed? This scrolling idea is obviously very popular and the variations thought provoking.

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