What was your first ELH Challenge entry?

May 05, 2015

Today, David tweeted my very first ELH Challenge entry, and it always strikes a sentimental chord with me when I see it every once in a blue moon, so he suggested starting a thread dedicated to our first ELH Challenge entries. 

Here's mine:

http://wp.me/p4s3cq-2x - E-Learning Challenge #24 - Instructional Design Tips That Really Pop.

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David Lindenberg

The first challenge I completed was the Flat Design Challenge. It was more of a hybrid than straight "flat" design. I found a cool design in one of the web design depots and tried to mimic the functionality. I created this in SL1 (no motion paths) and really wanted the look that Jeff Kortenbosch created here. Ah well, something else to build. :)

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