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Mar 28, 2012


I was wondering if any of you have some suggestions for creative "warm-up" exercises or icebreaker activities before discussing the actual creation of the course? We already have the basic layout of the course content-wise, but now I want us to think about how we could make the different areas more engaging.

I have years of experience as an e-learning provider where we always included creative people in all meetings, but now I sit in a buying position. I think one of our e-learning providers are lacking a bit in terms of creative skills and I want to make sure that we can have a great brainstorming session.

So... any ideas for a nice warm-up exercise would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

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Bob S


Have you considered warm-ups based around lateral thinking?  We used a few of these including:

  • Words written in different ways to mean different things.. can't remember what they are called (Eg. T O W N written vertically = Downtown)
  • Clues to common phrases/objects written in alpha-numeric code (Eg.  57HV = Fifty seven Heinz varieties or 24H in D = Twenty four hours in a day)
  • Visual puzzles that are seemingly unsolveable but require lateral thinking (Eg.  Move just one line in the following picture to create something  greater than 1000 = The answer involves viewing the lines differently and moving one to create a complex roman numeral instead)

These kinds of warm-ups/exercises can be a great way to introduce creative thinking for those stuck in a rut,

Hope this helps,


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