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Bob S

Remember the old kids game "Operation"?

How about some sort of matching game with hotspots and they have to (carefully) select the new terminology to match terms that are served up.  You can of course theme this based on the industry/business.....   original Operation for healthcare, a circuit board for high tech, car engine bay for transportation, etc etc.   

Oh and be sure to include THE most obnoxious insanely loud buzzer/lightning crackle/truck horn noise for mis-clicks.... nothing more fun than watching someone dive for the volume button and laugh at themselves.  :)

Julie Stelter

I like Bob's idea, especially the obnoxious noise. Sometimes though a slide really doesn't deserve much more than a click and reveal. You can determine this from the content importance, the slides around it, and  your time and budget. I have created tables that allow the learner to reveal cell text at their own pace in text and content heavy courses.