Crossword not working

Aug 20, 2022

Hi All,

Seeking assistance please with a crossword I authored in Storyline 360.  When I fill in all the correct answers and click submit button it will not display the correct dialogue message. I am creating the crossword as a knowledge check activity for embedding into CANVAS LMS. Please help. 

I have attached the file.

The answers are below: 

3 Simple
4 Absorb
5 Coaching

1 Simulation
2 Peer

My thanks in advance.



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Phil Mayor

difficult to say why, I would name the variables as it will be easier to work out which one is wrong, if there are any wrong. At the moment is is hard work to check them all.

At the moment the incorrect layer is also not working even if you type nothing so there is something odd on your conditions, I am sure the incorrect can be OR instead of AND. Changing them to OR shows the incorrect layer.

Also I would start with a trigger to change boolean to true if all are correct and then show the layer based off of the boolean, that way you can see if it is validating correct by showing a reference.

Math Notermans

When setting the variables and changing the triggers i noticed something you didnot have on your original and thus caused it never too work. The inputfields on crossroads, so where 2 words cross... need to have 2 triggers. Setting 2 variables to the input...

And as you cannot add 2 input triggers ( to the typed value ) on a input field... you have to copy the variable you just set to the other words variable... as seen above...

Math Notermans

I was intrigued by jumped on it to get it working. Due to the amount of variables and complexity i didnot get your sample working alas.

But i wanted to get some crossword puzzle thingy i made a sample with just 2 words... 2 animals... Ape and Beer ;-) ok that last one is not really an animal... But  it works now...jQuery needed however to get it working properly.

And here is the Storyline