Crossword Puzzle: Making Navigation Easier

Sep 12, 2023

Hi E-Learning Heroes community!

The e-learning team I am working with has recently been using crossword puzzles as a way for quiz interactivity. 

A few internal clients have commented that they love the interaction, however, it is hard to navigate. Right now, the user can click on the box to add the letter and then tab to add the next letter. However, if the crossword is a vertical word, the tab function doesn't always go sequentially from one box to the next in the word. 

I've attached the storyline file. If any crossword puzzle gurus can take a look and see how the navigation and the ease of going from one box to the next to add a letter can be simplified that would be greatly appreciated.

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Tatiana Leon


I adapted a template Crossword, I was changing positions and words, but It does not work, I really don't Know what happen!

Could you help me?

If you have a solution, please let me know or mailing me:

Thank you so much!!

Ange CM