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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Lori!

David Fair did a nifty tutorial that shows how to embed crossword puzzle as a web object:https://player.vimeo.com/video/148910722 The only thing is, scoring something like that would be a challenge because even though it's integrated within the course, the actual interaction is independent of Articulate Presenter, so there isn't a way to pass the score or credit to an LMS.

Another option that might work well for you is to create a more linear approach in Quizmaker, where the user completes one word at a time, like Brian shows here: https://player.vimeo.com/video/148911992 That way you could track the score pretty easily.

Jeanette Brooks

Hey Debbie, are you using the web object method that David Fair describes here? If so, when you publish, make sure that you test in the environment for which you published (i.e., , if you published for Web, make sure to upload your output to a web server and test it there, rather than testing it from your local hard drive). If you continue to have trouble with your web object, feel free to submit a support case and we can take a look. 

Jeanette Brooks

@Karen - glad you found that info helpful!

@Debbie - The link and reference to Eclipse Crossword is just a bit of hyperlinked text that you can remove from the html file that you generate. To do that, open the html file in Notepad and look for the following string of text and delete it. Then resave the file and reinsert that as your web object.