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May 11, 2017


We built a crossword puzzle on a module and had no issues when reviewing it on Articulate 2. However, users are reporting issues with the crossword puzzle when they attempt to complete the training on our Oracle LMS. User report that when they click on the "Verify answers" button the slide freezes, and users are not able to submit the training. We ran completion reports and found that users who had issues with the crossword puzzle are showing a score, in many instances of 100%, but their status for that training remains as incomplete.

Has anyone had similar issues or any suggestions as to what might be causing this issues? 

Thank you for your help!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Erika, 

Did this work previously and the "freeze" is a new or recent issue? What browser(s) are users viewing it in? 

For the status, what are you using as the completion/tracking method? Have you attempted testing it anywhere else, such as SCORM Cloud? It's a free SCORM standard for testing content. 

Let me know if any of those ideas help narrow down what and where the issue is happening. 

Erika Hernandez Sanchez


Thank you for your responses! I have successfully tested the module on SCORM Cloud, everything worked fine.  The majority of the users have been able to complete the module, but there are some that have not been able to complete the training due to the slide either freezing or the "Verify answers" button not responding.

We are tracking progress and completion by using the quiz results slide and have the LMS reporting set to Passed/Failed.  Any suggestions?

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