Custom drag and drop/ quiz slides - tracking using Java Script

Mar 11, 2016

Hi all!

I've created some custom quiz slides and drag and drop slides (using drop correct and incorrect states) 

The only issue is, I can't track the completion back to our LMS, particularly on the custom quiz slides which are normal blank slides (not from the quizzing options) and consist of 4 answers and the following trigger (Show layer 'Correct' when user clicks 'Submit' if State of 'Answer A' is equal to 'selected'. As they're not quiz slides, they're not picked up by results slides. 

I've heard Java Script can be used to create a command to link back to the LMS. I've never really had much experience with Java Script and wondered if this is, indeed possible and if so whether anyone knew the code for it?

I'd like to use the code on the 'next' button of every 'correct' slide, this way the user only passes the course/ or can progress on the LMS if they've visited each 'correct' slide.

Any help at all is very much appreciated!

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Phil Mayor

This may help.

Other options you can try can include building a freeform drag and drop interaction that is picked up by a results slide or you could  use a freeform pick one that is set to correct incorrect off the submit button (I think there is a tutorial on here).

The code above does not pass the score of that slide or the details of the interaction to the LMS  rather it  adds an overall score to the LMS at the end of the course so you will need to build in a scoring system and then pass that variable to the LMS.

make sure that the course cannot be marked complete any other way as Storyline will overwrite the score when you close the course. Normally I would track by slides viewed and make sure it is impossible to reach all the slides.


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