Custom Greeting Cards

Jul 23, 2020

Greeting cards like Blue Mountain, or Jacquie Lawson ecards are interactive and fun to read as well as send. I always wondered if I could do something like this but in Storyline.

I used an example from for a birthday. I also did some research to find some different golf course styles and came up with this

I read the information and then looked for images on that fit the descriptions. I used some of the vector images and some real images. I then worked out which images would appear as pairs for the reader to select. The idea is as they select an image the total result gets them to a picture of the golf course they would prefer.

For Storyline, I created a variable to total the points and then a trigger on the submit slide that sent the player to the image represented by my point totals. I assigned a point of 1 for the image on the left and 2 for the image on the right. For example, if they selected the left side image on every slide, their total would be 6 and that would be an image of the Par 3 course. Selecting all the Right images would be 12 or the Stadium course. The other course types were variations of those totals.

I set the card so it could be taken any number of times with the challenge of could the person find all 7 course types. This is my project. I hope you enjoy it.

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