Dealing with long lists in Storyline 2

I have a client that requires the use of long lists (up to 30 items per list) which is way to long if you want to keep the learner engaged.  

* Persistent, unresolved conflict 

* Dramatic change in behavior 

* Concealing information or lying 

* Evidence of drug or alcohol abuse

 * etc.

Does anyone have ideas on how to treat these lists and still stay engaging?

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Christy Tucker

Think about grouping the information based on the 7+/-2 rule of thumb. "7 +/- 2" is about how many items we can remember. This isn't a hard and fast rule, but chunking content into smaller groups is a good first step.

Within that list of 30 items, how can you categorize or group the items into related details? Can you break it up into 4-6 different categories?

From there, I'd probably see if I could rewrite those categories into a narrative format, at least sometimes, rather than always a bullet point list.

When you do need to do bullets on the screen, check out Connie Malamed's alternatives to bullets. This gives you some visual alternatives.