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I'm new to learning Articulate, and quickly falling for it, but I am hoping to find some expertise from people who use it in the higher ed sector. We're about to start work here at my university building our first mostly-online degree program, and trying to determine the best course for this to take. We're considering building the "lectures" as Storyline projects, but we're also looking at something more like a MOOC delivery method. Either way, we'll of course supplement it with typical class things like projects and other support, but I'm reaching out here in the hopes that someone on this forum is/has been in a similar position and is willing to talk with me about the pros and cons of rapid e-learning as a foundation for such a thing.


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Jeffrey Goetz

We actually already do use Moodle here, so I think it would make the most sense to continue to do so. But we are considering Canvas as well; I'd read there were some issues implementing SCORM files in Canvas. That's good to hear from Helena that that isn't necessarily a problem.The real question I'm trying to get a sense of, I think, is if anyone has any data from students who've gone through a degree program with much of the "lecture" content delivered via rapid e-learning.

Alexandros Anoyatis

Jeffrey Goetz said:

...But we are considering Canvas as well; I'd read there were some issues implementing SCORM files in Canvas...

Canvas isn't really SCORM compliant.

You may be able to play SCORM 2004 content in the LMS, however, Canvas does not currently support the writing of grades from SCORM objects to the Canvas gradebook. So technically, any SCORM content isn't really treated as SCORM - in other words, you might as well publish your Storyline output using the web setting.

If you are willing to structure your curriculum around that limitation or you are otherwise fine with it, then, between those two, Canvas is architecturally the far superior platform.

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