DEMO: Mimicking a function() separate the visual frolm the logical

Hi All,

The demo mimicks a function() call. I use it to separate the logic from the visual aspect of a slide.
I use 1 slide for display purposes and 4 Lightbox-slides that contain the logic...

The goal was to avoid complex triggers in a slide's side bar.



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Well done!

I just did something similar in a complex decision tree style project. Pulling the branching/decision logic into a blank "pass through" slide made it extremely easy to find and fine-tune the logic during development and the user never sees the slide since everything executes "at timeline start" on my decision slides.

Geert De Rycke

Hi Owen,

we do this all the time now. Working in an organisation that works with law texts, we often have to deliver delta or differences courses. So we developed a display slide, which is common to all law paragraphs, and depending how the user gets to the part he wants to train on, we setup a series of parameters, send it to a lightbox and the outcome is displayed as a variable on the display slide. When we decide to change the frontend, we just need to adapt the 1 slide



Steve Flowers

You can do similar with object states. 

  • Create a shape object off of the stage (label it if you want to).
  • Make the default state hidden.
  • Add triggers to the shape.
  • Make the last trigger set the current shape to hidden.

When you trigger to show this shape, it'll execute all of the triggers the shape contains and hide itself. This primes the shape to receive another "shape trigger function call". Your method is great for story wide stuff. I really dig the hidden shape function trigger for slide specific logic.