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Natalia Mueller

As I said in the other thread, i really like this. To give you in constructive feedback would really just be nit picky because overall I think it's great. If you WANT nit picky, the only thing that caught so much as a thought was there are 3 separate animations to bring in the question, drop in the answers and then emphasize the answers. Maybe combine the first 2 just to make it smoother? 

Or not. You could also leave it just the way it is

Alphonso Hendricks

Hi Angie. Really love your work. thanks for sharing.

I have made the mistake of shifting over to Storyline completely and forgetting that I have Presenter. Was always frustrated by the fact that I cant do simple rotation and controlled line animations in Storyline. And as a Physics teacher, I need those more than ther animations currently offered in Storyline. So I always reverted back to Powerpoint - did my animation there and saved as a .wmv  file which I inserted into Storyline.

You have just opened my eyes to the fact that i have another option - use Presenter for animations and insert that into Storyline.


Angie Martinez

Montse Posner Anderson said:

I would have the gauge go from left to right. Left being poor answer to the right being the best answer.  I also think your buttons should be stacked poor, better, best.

Great suggestions, Montse! I'll give those a try. Also, Tim, Ana, and Alphonso, thanks for your comments! Alphonso, I'm glad it inspired a new way to incorporate animations for you.