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May 20, 2019

So I will leverage the awesome design experience in this group - I need to design a 'training' that will be based solely on a document and a quiz - that's it.  I will put in a welcome page and maybe an instruction page (and a resource page if needed) but other than that it's all about the document and the test.  It will be deployed through our LMS.  What would be the best platform to design this sort of application?  The document needs to be available for review during the test (it's open book).  I'm new to eLearning and to Articulate360 and I've considered a few ways to accomplish what I'm asking but I don't know which will be the best and I don't want to waste time trying a few different methods.  Thank you for your help - I really appreciate it.

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Bob,

You could set this up in either Storyline or Rise. Depending on what style of question you wish to ask, you might prefer Storyline over Rise as it provides more options in this area. However, both are capable of giving you a great result for what you are after.

In Storyline you could add your document to the Resources list when you set up your Player options and it would then be available throughout the course.

In Rise, the best bet would be to have an Attachment block at the start of the course that would enable the user to download a pdf version of the document prior to commencing the course. They could then refer to the pdf when necessary.

Hope this helps.

Bob Karl

Thank you Holley - I like this idea - many of my targeted learners will be new to this process so I want to keep it as simple and clean as possible.  Would the entire contents of the document appear in the lightbox or just a link?  The documents can be lengthy (hence the open book nature of the exam) so I assume, if the entire contents of the document appeared in the lightbox panel (which could be placed in the player I learned from the article you linked - thank you) I again assume the lightbox window would be 'scroll-able'?

Holley Berley

I haven't tried it myself but yes, I believe that you can have the large document with the ability to scroll.

The lightbox will be pulling in another existing slide overtop your quiz, so you'll want to (as far as I understand) set up that existing slide to hold your content and be scrollable.  This may help:

Let me know if this works for you!

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