Designer to Developer Handoff

Aug 23, 2012

I work at a company that divides the training design and training development between two teams - so one group meets with the SMEs and writes the training materials, and then hands them off to be developed by the other group.

As you can imagine - and I assume perhaps experienced - this does not always go off without a hitch.

The SME (or client) wants/needs to see a storyboard prior to the developer creating the work, and also wants to have that storyboard be the be-all end-all document for revisions.

I am wondering if anyone could share any best practices/templates for this situation?  We are trying to create a word document that can clearly direct the developer on creating the storyline piece.


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Kristin Savko

I'd love to hear more about this, so I hope some folks chime in!

We work in a similar structure. I work on the development end.

I've been lucky enough in the past that my Designer and I worked together long enough that we had few hitches, but we weren't good at writing a lot down because we knew each other's working style so well.  We're working with new designers and now, especially with the inclusion of Storyline, aren't real sure what our new process should be. We just know the current solution won't work moving forward.

What we have been toying with is having the designer work directly in Storyline and hash some things out using the built in characters and interactions. They put any necessary text on screen and layout the slides.  It seems to be our best solution so far, but it still needs to evolve.

Holly MacDonald

I wonder if there is a set of icons you could develop that would be short hand within your storyboard document? I've attached something that illustrates what I mean.

Check out this other thread: it may have some ideas (or at least folks to ask). I think someone included a storyboard template...

Hope that helps.


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