Aug 20, 2014

Hello to all, I am trying to put together a storyboard process that enhances the creative process between a designer and developer and also creates not just a strong storyboard but also makes for a good archival document to reference as needed. We are exploring from Key Frame storyboarding all the way to player settings and layouts. This is a pretty generalized request for insight. If anyone out there has good thoughts or feels that they have nice unique apporach to storyboarding and would like to share, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all in advance.

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Nicole Legault

Hey Khalil!

Thanks for starting this discussion! Storyboarding is an important topic that comes up time and again in the forums. Here are some discussions about storyboarding from the forums that you might find some helpful tidbits in!!

Hope this helps as a starting point And hope others from the community chime in with their own storyboarding experiences.

Khalil Rivera

Something to keep in mind is that in our department has designers and developers working separately. One key item we wish to solve for is not only the final storyboard output and how the developer will understand the final vision but also the collaboration in the storyboard design process between the developer and designer. The goal is to facilitate a creative environment that will not only generate a robust storyboard but also an innovative learning solution.

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