Designing a Leadership Curriculum

Nov 14, 2017

What instruments do you use during leadership assessment? Is the assessment part of an interview or a standalone? How do you incorporate assessment information into your SL courses on leadership, e.g., did you make the course as a custom, personal learning experience? Thanks.

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Daniel Brigham

Hi, David: You are asking a lot of big questions here. Breaking them up may encourage more people to respond.

As far as instruments, do you mean assessment tools like DiSC or StrengthsFinder? That's what they use at my company.

As far as incorporating assessment information, I've seen developers create scenarios that deal with different types (according to the assessments) of employees, and the best choice of action is to deal with them according to how the assessment tool says you should deal with them. 


Dave Goodman

Thanks Daniel - I know that the questions are broad. The assessment tools that I am looking for are usually associated with a university, a private group like Creative Leadership or a firm offering leadership competencies similar to Leadership navigator 360. So I am looking for some suggestions of these tools. The next question is after the assessment, you have a very wide range of data that is very useful in training. My question is - how do you use assessment feedback within training and then more specifically how do you "redesign" your SL courses that reflect your data in a more personal manner, e.g., if you have 5 clusters of assessment data, is the training branching to reflect a specific cluster?

Sandra Whitford

Have you ever heard of Strong for Performance or ProStar Coach? Check it out.  It is interesting.  It includes leadership assessments and then working with a coach you put together a leadership program with all the coach/mentor feedback and resources in one place.  You might be able to integrate Storyline or Rise programs into the learning programs offered. You would have to check that out for sure. (and no I don't get a kickback or anything... I just ran across it while doing my doctorate and thought it was interesting.  It is something I wanted to build myself but then ... well, it's already there). 


Dave Goodman

thanks Sandra - this is interesting for the follow-up portion. I signed up for the full demo. One of my issues is if a company uses a competency model they might track 15 competencies/skills or some lesser number. If you had that info and it was up to date, you can start to design the L&D interventions. If there is no competency instrument being used, you need to begin at the beginning but the skill needs are not known and therefore the training is a best effort but is probably off target. I am looking for the lessons learned in both situations. Thanks again.

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