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May 22, 2012

We are developing a course for high school students on green sustainability. As part of the course, we have a listing of potential careers in the field, educational requirements (if any), recommended certifications and traditional job duties.

Any ideas on how to make this interesting? At one point, we thought of having a newspaper background with the jobs highlighted. Since this is for high school students, that doesn't really apply.

Is there a way to make a listing type of content visually interesting.

Your suggestions are appreciated, Thanks....

Judith Norton

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Brian Houle

Hi, Judith:

If I were in a pinch, I'd make that into a handout and include it in the course as an attachment.

Or, if I was feeling a little more creative, I might consider doing something along the lines of a comic book or video game character profile or write-up or, as was popular in my day, a baseball or trading card (which you could do a front/back side by side).

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