Do you have good examples of elearning scenarios?

Mar 29, 2013

Good morning!

I met Tom and Dave last week in North Carolina and they recommended I reach out to the Articulate Community for scenario examples.

I'm interested in scenario examples that feature dialog and branching choices. 

Thank you for anything you can share!

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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Laura:

Fellow freelancer Holly MacDonald shared this with me recently.

The Cathy Moore example (two Army guys) and brokencoworker example (woman giving man backrub) are especially detailed. Both feature dialogue and the latter features video. It's more effort than most of us would put into a scenario, but it's nice to see what can be done.

Welcome to the forum. Hope you share the cools things you found. --Daniel

Cathy Moore

Thanks for pointing out the Haji Kamal scenario. Here's a direct link to it, along with discussion about how we made it:

And here's a link to a far simpler branching scenario. It's not "real" (it teaches a fake language); instead, it's a demo of how we could use even low-tech scenarios to let learners learn through experience. Obviously, it took far less time to design and create than the Army scenario, but I think it models an approach we could use for many subjects:

And here's a more conventional branching scenario with some discussion about the design decisions made:

David Charney

Hi Laura,

Are you looking for specific scenarios, like simulations or just different eLearning projects in general? Here are our samples:

And here is a good website with many more:

You will find a bunch of different types of simulations and various scenarios that have logic based decision trees/branching. Hope this helps and thanks to the other posters. Interesting topic. We love seeing other's solutions.

Happy learning!

Ericca Williams


I have a great example that may help you, however, due to the proprietary nature of the content, I can't just post the link for everyone to see.  :(  Shoot me a message or email ( and I would be happy to share it with you. 

To describe the scene a little - the course is set from the perspective of a sales representative who is talking to a retail buyer. There are three basic paths: Good, better, best.  Based on what the rep says (ie, based on the answer that the learner selects) the learner either makes a great sale or flat-out loses the entire sale. It's pretty cut throat when the learner doesn't make a sale but, that's how it goes with sales sometimes. 

The course is a series of videos embedded in an Articulate Studio quiz. The user is given the scenario (question) via video, then given several options to chose from, then another video that shows them the buyers response based on their input. 

Let me know if you'd like to check it out.  Ericca 

Shweta Mukherjee

Hi Ericca,

I happened to see your response while searching for scenario examples.

Actually I am also looking for some scenario examples but haven't been able to identify an appropriate one yet.

Here're the project requirements:

Target Audience: Sales rep of a reputed Insurance firm

Learning Objective: Use effective communication skills to engage a customer and build long-lasting relationships.

Since the target audience of the course you mentioned is quite similar to the one I am targeting, would it be possible to share the?

Please note that I understand copyright laws and could leave you rest assured that I will not indulge in unnecessary copying of information or approach. Also I am completely fine in case you are unable to share an example.

Thanks so much.


Parker Donat

Hi Laura, great question. There seems to be a lot of great examples in this discussion. I would just like to give a plug to Cathy Moore. Her examples are fantastic. I'd say her blog is the best around for eLearning Scenarios and she is an expert with scenarios.

Also, if you need help in the development process, a super huge time saver is using eLearning Scenario Templates. There are templates designed specifically for Articulate Storyline and all these templates are compatible with Storyline 2.

Hope you find this helpful, Luara. Good luck in your eLearning Scenario endeavors.

eLearning Locker


I would suggest looking here:

Lots of free stuff that can help.

We have some on our site and do build custom ones if you need them. If one looks interesting, I can probably get it in our freebies so you can download it:, or

Tom Kuhlmann

I am going to chime in on this thread to address vendor links. The community works because it's a community of engaged elearning developers and instructional designers. I've gotten a few complaints about the "spamminess" of some of the comments and associated links.

Please keep comments focused to the discussion in the thread and not as a means to push your services or templates. Thanks.

eLearning Locker

Hey, Thanks Tom(s). Didn't mean to get vendorish. We love eLearning and devleopment and solving problems and will make sure we don't fall into a spamminess category. I moved the Story files out so if anyone wants them, here are the direct Story files to the above:

But as I mentioned above and Tom mentioned...these are great and free:

elisha ray


I happen to have stumbled upon this link and i'm really having a hard time trying to deciphar how you can customize :-

1. The player with the menu to be as such

2. How you can embed a calculator on the same.

3. How you can create such a flashy menu and still manage to link it to engage files and quiz from articulate.

Any ideas will be highly appreciated.

Kind Regards


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