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Jan 07, 2014

Normal 0 false false false oNotPromoteQF /> EN-US X-NONE X-NONE ontGrowAutofit /> Hi everyone, i am looking for examples of onboarding elearning courses for new employees.  I have been asked to develop an e-Learning based on the scenario of an applicant who goes through the various stages of the recruitment process. Along the way I want to explain who the applicant interacts with at each stage, the tasks the company's staff members perform, the tools/systems they use and possible outcomes.

If anyone has any good examples, and is willing to share, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance.


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Laura M

This is definitely on my list of projects for this year, so I am following along to see replies.  I was playing around with the idea of creating a road map that takes you along your journey.  I wish we used Storyline, so that I could create states for graying out areas you've already gone through.  I've create a rough mock-up in Presenter that would just include a printable checklist in the Resources tab, so people can use that as they go through, allowing them to visit the sections in any order without requiring that they use the course linearly, but don't miss anything they want to see.  We are supposed to be launching a new intranet in the next couple of months, so I want to check out those capabilities first and figure out how to organize our existing resources and link to those there, instead of cramming so much content inside the course itself.   

David Anderson

Hi Lori, 

New hire orientation is one of the most popular requests for examples we have in the community. I found a few good threads and examples that may help you with your project

Can you take a look at some of these and let me know if they are along the lines of what you're looking for?

Quick Demo: New Hire Orientation Example

Design ideas for an HR Orientation Day

New Hire E-Learning Orientation

Need ideas for a game for an onboarding portal!

Cindy Shaver

Great timing. I was just asked to look at our onboarding session (currently in a meeting room with Powerpoint slides) and see if I could 'do' anything to improve it. But not to spend a lot of time reworking the whole thing.  Gah.

I've been 'googling' for ideas and will definitely check the links on this post. Right now I'm considering the option of having the room session continue (with some fresher material) for the 'social' and live aspect. Then some small online modules the employee would receive over the next few weeks so they could refresh what they heard and continue getting and feel supported. First I need to talk with the HR experts and get some feedback from employees who attended previous onboarding sessions.

Good luck Laura and Lori!


stanton mackellar

Hi Elizabeth, (sorry to hijack your thread Lori - I don't have any onboarding stuff to add) I was intrigued by your animated interactive course that you shared. I really quite liked it. I had played with this kind of animation software before but I found it very tricky and time consuming. May I ask what software you used and what the learning curve is like?



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