Does anybody use LearnDash LMS plugin?

Apr 13, 2018

Hi everybody, 

I'm hoping a few people in the community have experience using LearnDash.  

- How easy is it to set up and maintain?

- Does it have the option to set multiple languages?

- How does it work with content published on Storyline?

- Can I add users and then prevent new users from joining?

Any assistance would be fantastic.

Many thanks


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Christy Tucker

If you've managed a Wordpress site before, LearnDash isn't too hard to set up and maintain. The client I'm working with on LearnDash isn't using xAPI tracking though, and I have heard that getting the LRS up and running correctly may be a little challenging.

Plan to spend some time analyzing and using some additional plugins besides Wordpress. I like the Uncanny Owl toolkit for a number of various little improvements, for example.

For Storyline content, you have the option of publishing to Web and including the content in an iframe (what my client is currently doing). That works, but it doesn't give you tracking data from the courses themselves. The other option is to publish to xAPI and use an LRS. That's more initial setup, but I have heard from others who have gotten that to work.

You can set it up so that there's no way for users to sign up themselves. Then you can manually add just the users you want. You don't have to use any self-registration, so it's pretty easy to prevent new users from joining.

I'm not sure about multiple language support. If you contact them, you'll likely get a quick response with the details on what's supported.

Peter  Ryan

Hi Kim,


Learndash is a great solution for launching Storyline and Rise xapi files.

It is relatively easy to maintain but as you will likely have several plugins , when you update these plugins it can (often) cause operational issues. Especially when updating themes.

In my opinion setting up a LMS, LRS, Wordpress site can be tedious as often solutions require tinkering to your specifications.

I would go as far to say it will take a several months to master. You will not only need to learn the terminology but Learndash and Grassblade offer an extensive amount of functions, features and shortcodes. You will also likely have to start learning how to use CSS and  basic HTML.  HTML is used for creating certificates.

There are many solutions to adding users. There are plugins were group leaders can purchase x amount of courses, You can Ecommerce your product etc.

Learndash have several free plugins, Wisdmalbs have some awesome plugins and can create custom plugin at a budget. also have a great variety .

If you want to sell courses I recommend you use a LRS, grassblade tops my list.

I am not trying to put you off, but it can be complex.  If you stick to it you will have a product that works better than a SAAS LMS as you can modify anything you wish on your own domain.

It will set you back about $800.00 per year for all the plugins and a middle of the range VPS hosting. You will need cpanel.

TANDI a site I built was running thousands of users before we needed a dedicated server. Once you get past say 30 people doing exactly the same module at the same time you will need a faster dedicated server. 

Learndash multi language is available. But it will not select by geo location. You will need some customisation for this.

Good luck Kim,



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