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Nicole Legault

Hi Keithia!

Thanks for posting your question here in the forums :) 

The row you've highlighted in your image shows shapes that have a soft gradient and "Soft Edges" effect on them. You can achieve that look with any shape of any colour. Here's how:

  • Insert your shape
  • Make it the shade of blue you want
  • With the shape selected, go to the "Format" tab on the Storyline ribbon 
  • Click the "Shape Effects" dropdown
  • Select the "Soft Edges" option 
  • Select the amount of softness you want from the menu that appears...

  • You can also add a soft gradient to your shape by right-clicking on the shape and choosing "
    "Format shape"
  • From the formatting window, choose the "Gradient fill" fill option

This will give you a look-and-feel of the shapes you've highlighted in your image. 

Hope this helps :)