Does Articulate Storyline 2 provide a function of polling?

Nov 16, 2016

Hello, for some security reason, my client would not allow embedding external polling websites, such as Polleverywhere, into the Articulate Storyline. 

Is that possible to have Articulate Storyline generate some instant charts/graphs based on learners' input? I would love to hear any ideas. 


 (This question was originally posted in the forum of Articulate Storyline and was suggested to be posted here by Alyssa and Ashley. )


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Jacqueline Hutchinson

I don't know how to do this, but could you (or someone you know who codes really well) write a script to send the data to a data table and have the data table prepare a chart/graph and import it back in through some type of web object script?  I expect that the data and chart would need to be somewhere on either the inter or an intranet. 

You could create a variable to capture their answer, and use the script to send the data and grab visual data representation. If security is a concern, perhaps there is a place internally that you can send the data to.


( I didn't see the original post so I don't know if this was already suggested)

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