Does partial scoring promote guessing?

Oct 29, 2013

Hello Articulate community,

I have a question for those who have used partial scoring when designing tests in Articulate or another tool.    I have a project where I have been asked to implement partial scoring but my first reaction was I felt that it would promote guessing.  Am I incorrect with my judgement?    (e.g. Question type:  select all that apply, 3 out of the 5 are correct , each correct answer is worth 1 and each incorrect answer is -1)   If I were to select them all I could still gain a mark for my efforts.   Is the all or nothing approach a better alternative?    If anyone has any great examples/best practices that they can share in regards to partial scoring that would be greatly appreciated.   Thank you.

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Nicole Legault

Hi there Leyhton! 

Thanks for posting, good question. First of all, I guess I should state that currently Articulate Storyline does not currently support partial scoring for quiz questions.

You might very well be able to build it, but apparently we're still looking for a way to be able to actually post those results to an LMS (Partial credit for multiple option question) However, if you don't need to post your results to an LMS or if you were using some other type of tool where you can give a partial score for various responses, I personally don't think it would promote guessing.

First of all, perhaps the learners don't need to know that they will get partial credit for their answer to begin with. Secondly, some answers might more likely be a potential answer than others, and perhaps getting credit for guessing those would be more fair for the learner. Interesting topic though! 

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