Downloading or Transferring Bookmarked Threads

Is there a way to offload all of my bookmarked threads so that a new SL "course", flip book or similar resource guide can be developed? I would like to create a guidebook that contains the list's best ideas by subject, our own experiences, tips & techniques etc. for designers and developers. We all spend too much re-inventing the wheel. Thanks.

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Matthew Bibby

I don't think there is a way to do this from the forums. But maybe you could open each thread and print to PDF or similar? Or even just create a reference document with a short description of each thread so you can easily find what you want. Because I appreciate how annoying it can be looking through hundreds of bookmarks trying to find that one thread.

It would be great if we had the ability to search just our bookmarks (or posts we've found helpful etc.)

Michael Anderson

If you can't do this by utilizing the bookmark feature in the forums, you might be able to do this from your web browser's bookmarks. I know that at least Firefox can export bookmarks as HTML, others may be able to as well. If each thread was displayed as a web object, you would even be able to post new messages to it, I believe.