Drag and Drop - Counting Order

Hi There!

I've created a little drag and drop interaction where you can drop the squares onto their corresponding numbers. I've then used variables to check the order that the squares are dropped in.

So, for example, if you dropped square 1 second then it would show as being the second square dropped. I have printed the variables at the top of the page to show the ranking order. 

This might be useful if you are trying to get your learners to do something in a particular order but don't want to explicitly state so. One example could be ensuring the right customer got the right delivery, but they also need to be delivered in the right order.

Have a little play, I'm sure you'll find it useful somehow! (The file is Storyline 3 by the way!)


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John Brindle

Hi everyone,

I have updated this so that slide two now displays the order in which you dropped the boxes from top to bottom. I'm definitely using this interaction for our delivery drivers now!

The variable that stores the order sets the state of the box on the next slide to show the order that they were dropped in. 

John Brindle

Hi Phil,

At the moment the interaction only works if you drop the number on the correct corresponding number (1 to 1, 2 to 2, 3 to 3, 4 to 4). I suppose I could build in some error checking as to whether the boxes are in the right position. I believe I set it to reset the position if it wasn't correct! I'll put in a fix tomorrow and upload it to this thread.

I would take a look at the triggers I have put in and copy and past them to any replacement graphics you are using on a separate slide. That's what I have been doing so I can use some graphics instead of shapes.

Hope this helps!